Upload CV brings
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CareerPage#1 services brings paradigm-shift to process of activating job searchers
Up to 5x multiplied amount of registered job searchers
Compare every upload CV with all open vacancies in seconds
Multi dimensional filtration offers the most comprehensive matching

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    As simple as uploading CV

    CareerPage#1 services offers best matching job for seekers. Artificial Intelligence breakthrough human limitation in memorizing, understanding and comprehensive matching CV with all open positions. Every candidate can compare any CV with all vacancies in seconds. Multi dimensional conditions allows unprecedented tuning of offered matching. 


    Get 5x more
    active seekers


    Best matching in
    10 seconds


    Multi dimensional


    Work commute time


    Salary and benefits comparison


    107 supported languages

    Old way


    New #1 way

    Up to 4%Activated job seekers conversionUp to 50%
    Must HaveKeywordsWhole CV is analyzed
    None or FewMulti language107 languages
    Manual InputApplication formAI automatically fills in and saves in ATS
    None or PoorFake profiles and duplicates minimizationMicrosoft, Google, Apple, LinkedIn, Facebook Authorizations
    Limited SupportMobile supportAll features on all supported devices
    Premium OnlyClever filteringCommute to work distance and duration, salary, type of contract, compensation model
    Up to 1 MinuteVacancies shortlist creationWithin 10 seconds
    Difficult & Time ConsumingCareer page programmingReady to use

    Would you multiply your profit?

    Integration to current career pages with web components

      • Upload CV firstly
      • Top matching vacancies in 10 seconds
      • The most comprehensive CV-to-job matching powered by Artificial intelligence
      • Multi-language support.  Translation to selected language (Microsoft Azure Translator)
      • Prepopulated key data (name, surname, email, telephone, address, …)
      • Commute to work distance and duration, salary, type of contract, compensation model, + other 16 filters