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The most efficient source of candidates is your professional career site. Do not let 95% of candidates leave it. Build your large candidate database. Hire employees faster by 30%.
Enhance your candidate and employee experience and uplift your employer brand!

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    Simple and meaningful

    Artificial Intelligence replaces poorly working full text and filters of your career page. It screens CVs and presents to candidates the most relevant vacancy. Get 15 times more candidates and grow your talent database for your future job openings.


    Great candidate experience


    Artificial Intelligence compares 1000 words in 1 CV and 1 Ad


    Fast and easy implementation
    of full solution or
    Integration to yours


    Increase number of placements from career page to 30-50%


    Do not miss top talent just because
    the righ job is not currently advertised


    Developed by Recruitment and
    Data Science leaders

    Old way


    New #1Way

    2-5% % of candidates who
    insert CV on career page
    15-90 Average # of days
    Time to hire
    10-50% decrease
    Headhunters and jobboards
    Recruitment costs20-50% decrease
    Non or Poor CVs sorted by relevance70% accuracy
    Non or small Database of CVsMiddle to big
    AlwaysUsage of other CV sources
    Dependend on role
    StandardLook and feelInnovative with Artificial intelligence
    Low to middle impactHelp to become love employer brandMiddle to high impact

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