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Sourcing & Selection
Passive Candidates

Gain more relevant candidates. Replace expensive jobboards.
Improve candidates experience. Help your company to become employer #1

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    EfFectivness first

    Chatbots, supported by effective marketing campaigns, constantly identify and reach candidates on social networks. 
    You will not miss anyone. Decrease time to hire, grow number of relevant candidates.


    Get relevant candidates within 5 days.


    Effective solution to attract passive candidates.


    Customized Chatbot is preselecting candidates 24/7.


    Become attractive employer with well targeted Facebook campaigns.


    Decrease hiring costs.
    Replace expensive agencies and jobboards.


    Highly customized and easy implementation.

    Old way


    New#1 way

    24/7Working hoursYes
    Recruitment or employment agency costsRecruitment costsComparable to advertisement
    Recruiter has to call the candidate
    Pre-selection Key info gathers the chatbot
    Based on # of recruiters# of candidates

    at the same time
    No limit
    LowEfectivity vs. direct- emails5+ higher
    Low to middle based on recruitersEvaluation consistency100%
    Manual by recruiterreportingAutomatic
    No or through recruitment agencyReach of passive candidatesYes

    DO you need more RELEVANT candidates?

    You are just 5 days away from getting them.

      • Individual set up reflecting your company and hiring needs.
      • We prepare the right chatbot for you – based on our best practice, experiences and your specifics and requirements.
      • Chatbots and related campaigns are launched smoothly,  understanding whole business case and empowered by 20 years of experience in recruitment.
      • Chatbot helps in all segments and most types of positions.
      • Recruitment chatbot has become standard way of reaching and attracting passive candidates.