AI CV Parsing

Most companies force candidate to fill in questionaire with basic data from CV
Other companies let recruiter manually rewrite it
50% CV parsing fail due to human error

AI CV parsing helps to eliminate boring copy/paste work, fills all requested fields in few seconds just by uploading CV

More information?

    As simple as uploading file

    FillIt#1 replace boring copy/paste from existing CV to requested fields in ATS w/o human participation. Reduce working time from 5 minutes to 10 seconds with eliminating human errors.


    Get data from CV to ATS /HRIS within 10 seconds


    ATS agnostic solution


    Either direct import all fields to ATS or multi format import file


    Making HR job more attractive with reducing boring repetitive tasks


    Decrease operation costs.
    Helps human with AI


    Highly customized
    easy implementation

    Old way


    New#1 way

    100 CVs takes 5-8 hoursOperation costsSave 1 day on administration tasks
    N/ABulk processingAs much as CVs available
    40-70%% of candidates in ATS / HRISMore than 95%
    ±4%Human error rateNo measurable
    ATS relatedMulti language support110 languages supported
    ATS interfaceWorking interfaceBYOD

    DO you hate boring administration?

    Simple, cheap, consider done

      • Bulk import without human participation
      • Candidate registration rate up to 70%
      • Either direct import to ATS, or data file with customized fields (CSV,  XLSX, JSON, …)
      • Multi language support. Translation to selected language (Microsoft Azure Translator)
      • Name, Surname, Date of birth, Geo Dimension of Address, Experiences by employers, education,…
      • CV Parsing is cloud hosted services, applying user’ company security, able to run on any user authorizes device from any authorized internet connection