Employee Net Promote Survey

Understand employees feelings instantly and permanently


4C’s driving eNPS:

  • Commitment to contribute to the future success of the company
  • Connection to the community they work in, whether to its mission, its goals, or its people
  • Ability to make a contribution by performing great work every day
  • Readiness to challenge themselves to improve, and challenge the company to go further as well

More information

    measure employee satisfaction and loyalty within your company

    Organizations can use the results to understand how their employees feel and what may be detracting from the employee experience. Tracking keywords (such as salary, work/life balance, or leadership) that promoters and detractors use can help identify areas for improvement, whether in a specific department or in the organization as a whole. A smart organization will survey employees with eNPS on a regular basis—whether monthly, quarterly, annually, or otherwise—to stay up to date and track trends over time.

    Know employees feelings

    NPS is a metric generally used for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty, however, it has way more use cases than that. When HR departments started to rely more and more on data, eNPS became one of the key metrics, helping companies to assess the morale of their personnel.

    Old way


    New#1 way

    Low Impact on companyHigh
    Not much – yearly feedbackHelp to understand current company atmosphereeNPS score trends and feedback on regular basis
    Help to decrease fluctuationHigh effect
    Very accurate and very complicatedSimple vs. accurateGreat ballance
    Not possibleSurvey based on employee eventYes, i.e. End of probation, New boss
    Typically notStandard masurement metricseNPS is the #1 survey metric worldwide

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