Right talent at the right time

Talent booster, fast and proactive recruitment

We know

You expect to hire fast and right

We can shorten your time-to-hire by utilizing your existing CV database
Artificial Intelligence reviews all

Either you have a few or too many

We can convert web-wanderer to candidates and rank them by AI comprehensive matching

Only 5% of visitors upload CV

We can switch your web site to the main talent stream

50% of recruiter tasks are saltless

Artificial Intelligence unselect irrelevant candidates
We can eliminate boring copy/paste work

Too expensive recruitment

We can decrease costs and dependencies on external CV sources.
Utter usage of the CV database is the cost-cutter.


Coherent and beautiful UX


Three clicks job application


AI powered
job alert


Cool HR marketing


Collect CVs for tomorrow


Reduce expenditure

Old way


New #1 way

StandardTime to hireReduced by 30-50%
ManualCopy/paste and categorizationProcessed by AI
Non AvailableCV sorted by relevance70% accuracy
Up to 4%Activated job seekers conversionUp to 50%
None or FewMulti language107 languages
Manual inputApplication formAI automatically fills and saves in ATS
None or PoorFake profiles and duplicates minimizationMicrosoft, Google, Apple, LinkedIn, Facebook Authorizations
Difficult & time consuming Career page programmingReady to use
  • AI powered career pages with advanced UI​
  • Attract talent with AI powered job alerts​ without spamming
  • AI enables new ways to engage candidates
  • Just upload the job description and let the AI to understand, find and score the best matching CVs
  • Do not lose a single dearly paid for CV, all are automatically stored in your talent database regardless of their source
  • Deployed in a few days
  • API integration with your ATS, HR-CRM, HRIS, ERP