Improve your recruiters’ efficiency

Most companies force candidates to retype data from their CV into a form
Other companies ask the recruiter to do this manually
50% of forms contain errors due to human error

FillIt#1 - helps to eliminate boring copy-paste work – fills in all the required
fields in seconds by uploading a CV

I want to double my profit

    every CV is processed

    FillIt#1 replaces boring copy-paste data from existing CV to the required fields in the ATS. Ensures every CV received is processed and stored in the ATS. Reduce the task time from 5 minutes to 10 seconds by eliminating human errors


    Get data from CV to ATS /HRIS within 10 seconds


    GDPR compliance


    Innovative and handy


    Making the recruiter's job more attractive


    Reduce operational costs


    Deployed within a day

    Old way


    New #1 way

    100 CVs takes 5-8 hoursOperation costsSave 1 day on administration tasks
    N/ABulk processingAs many CVs available
    40-70%% of candidates in ATS / HRISMore than 95%
    ±4%Human error rateNot measurable
    ATS relatedMulti language support107 languages supported
    ATS interfaceWorking interfaceBYOD


    • Bulk import without human participation
    • Either direct import to ATS, or data file with customized fields (CSV,  XLSX, JSON, etc.)
    • Multi language support. Translation to selected language (Microsoft Azure Translator)
    • Name, surname, date of birth, geo dimension of address, experience with employers, education, etc
    • FillIt#1 is Microsoft SharePoint hosted services, applying the user’s company security, able to run on any user authorized device from any authorized internet connection