Smooth and fast employee integration - Decrease of fluctuation
Paperless - PC and mobile access

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    main functions clerbo
    • Decrease fluctuation in the probation period by 30%.
    • Save 2.000 – 10.000 Euro by preventing  employees from leaving your company.
    • Communicate smart  with your employees using Intranet displaying news relevant by his/her work position.
    • Manage policies and procedures digitally and set up access rights.
    • Let your employees comment, like, vote, answer surveys.
    • Get an immediate feedback on onboarding, internal news and policies in graphs and tables immediately.
    • Get modern technology solutions with functions known from Facebook or LinkedIn.
    • Contact us to discover how we can be helpful in uplifting your existing HR processes.


    Some of companies using the paperless modern Onboarding solutions that we offer