Save time, paperless, enhance employees experience

Accelerates agreements, eliminates manual tasks, makes it easy

  • Paperless signing. No print required
  • eSigned documents compliance with EU regulations
  • eSign legally supported for 100% of HR documents
  • Sing virtually from any device
  • Easy to start. Easy to deploy
  • Signing workflow. Monitor every step of document
  • Easily integration via API

More information

    Sign, Send, Simple

    Job#1 solution gets remote work done faster and easier: From employment contracts and offer letters to tax report and PRPI (ELDP), eSign is  #1 way to send and sign from practically anywhere, at any time


    Ready to use in one working day


    HR administration faster and smarter


    Easy to use


    anywhere on any device


    Meets GDPR and eIDAS security standards


    Tracks eSigning in real-time — every signatures are logged and viewable

    Old way


    New#1 way

    Low – highSafety2 FA possible
    High (with counted costs for scanning, storage, searching, overview…)Signing costsFair, no surprise
    Very difficult
    Multi – signatureEasy & fast
    usually very difficultoverview in your HR systemusually no problem
    mediumtime needed for signingup to 12x faster
    medium – lowemployee satisfactionhigh – medium

    INTRIGUED & Thinking to see it live?

    We are pleased to present it

      eSign ready HR documents:

      • NDA
      • Offer Letter
      • Labor Contract
      • Timesheet
      • Tax Report
      • PRPI (ELDP)
      • … and other 31 approved documents

      Already relying on us

      More then 100 companies paperless-size their processes , doing their operation smarter, easier and cheaper.