Saving money and time due to our automated hiring tool


At a glance

  • 3-5x more CVs with relevant candidates
  • Lower CV acquisition cost
  • Less time spent on deployment (4 months less)
  • Saved 12,500USD for 1st year on development



Delivery: JAN 2022

Client: Thein investment group

David Spies – Portfolio Manager


As an investment group focused on digital transformation and industry companies, Thein needed to improve hiring, save on headhunting services (25% of yearly salary per employee), develop synergies in HR marketing and candidate sharing  to be able recruit the best candidates and hire top specialists.


Analyzing different options, Thein selected the best-fit solution: creating a centralized candidate database for all its invested companies, implementing a career page to automate and streamline their hiring process, along with an AI-powered matching engine to significantly reduce time spent on candidate search and recruitment. Solution

Perfectly aligned with the tech area of Thein’s invested companies, solutions enabled Thein to gain 3-5x more CVs, save time and money throughout the recruitment process due to its comprehensive AI-powered search engine (auto-matching of candidates with job postings), seamless ATS integration (streamlining of the recruitment process), and advanced UX design (quick application process). A successful early implementation with long-term benefits on their business growth.