Reports from all your sources in one place

Irreplacable foundation for your effective HR strategy and efficient HR operations

  • Gain HR metrics know-how
  • Reports for all: Board members, managers, HR team and specialist
  • Different angles and details in one click
  • Dashboards, graphs, tables from any of your data sources
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • The most advanced IT, Data Science, Business Intelligence and visualization solutions
  • Affordable price
  • Solutions available also for your Finance, Sales, Logistics, Production and Customer Care functions and operations

More information

    Complex and secure

    Job#1 solutions are providing the technology 


    Typical implementation within 1-3 months


    Complete reporting solution: data collection ETL, DWH, presentation and visualization


    Extremely easy to
    set up by end user


    Reports available
    to users by their rights anywhere through the web browser


    Meets all the security standards


    Used by
    600+ companies
    from the SME to the international corporates

    Old way


    New #1Way

    Hours and hoursTime to prepare report1 Click or minutes
    Weeks or months
    Time to change
    standard report
    Immediately by yourselves
    Ussually tables / excellVisualizationDashboards, graphs, tables
    Dependend on SW
    Access rightsAdvanced possibilities
    Difficult or not possible
    Access to source data
    from report
    Yes – click on it
    Typically only from PC

    Any device, anytime, anywhere

    INTRIGUED & Thinking to see it live?

    We are pleased to present it

      Basic HR Reporting data

      • Headcount, FTE, part-time, agency employees, demografic data
      • Salaries, bonuses, benefits, wage surcharge, commissions
      • Attendance, vacation, homeoffice, sickdays, overtimes, illness, on-call time, injuries

      HR effectiveness

      • Management reporting base on your request
      • Fluctuation external, internal, forced, lenght of employment / on position
      • Revenue, profit, non/direct costs on employee
      • Productivity
      • Project costs and incomes
      • Sales efficiency and results
      • Products and scrap on employee
      • KPI reporting, Balance Scorecard

      Recruitment and Training data

      • Recruitment – time to hire, CV/open position, vacancies, sources
      • Training costs, internal/external, time, compulsory trainings
      • All reporting based on date, location, cost centers, etc.

      Already relying on us

      Our partnered the is now trusted by more then 600 companies to report Strategic, Operations, Financial, Sales, Production and HR data.