JUMP down or UP


Opportunities and global statistics

Datasentics -the co-owner of JOB#1 has prepared with major banks Česká spořitelna, ČSOB, Moneta and other global statistics about economic situation of the Czech republic.

You can see first data about significant changes. Some areas going down and some extremely up.

Media is tending to promote only the negative effects, by I would rather summarize the positives or opportunities.

·         Food sales – extreme growth – online sales is double, but also traditional sales in stores is growing

·         Pharmacies – the similar as food – just store sales grows more rapidly and online is about 50% growth

·         Gas stations – interesting graph showing that on gas station sis small growth too. I guess it is on food, rather than gasoline

·         Hygiene products – there is no graph, bud I am sure that this type of industry is booming


The graph also shows that people are learning how to shop online. You can see it in all age categories.

Thank you @David Račanský and @Petr Bednařík for the statistics. Details in czech you can find in this link I would be glad to have more data from more segments which you could provide to our government to know how to support the industries which are crushing down.


I would like to support all managers, directors and owners to WORK HARD. Do cost cutting, save but mainly look for OPPORTUNITIES. 

So, are you GM, Owner, Marketing or Sales XO  then go for online or support the booming industries