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help disabled employees!

Only JDs needed


May you feel better than if you realize your solution can help many people with disabilities?

A simple key to a success project is an inspiration.  That means not to think about how much money and how quickly you get but to know to whom you would like to help and what you would like to change in this world. Job#1 has its own idea: to make the world of recruitment faster, easier and more enjoyable and now we can say that our solution can get 15x more CVs from company carrier page. We could say that our mission is completed BUT…


Because our solution is based on Artificial Intelligence it was accepted to Hackathon called AI for Accessibility. The goal of this hackathon is to help people with disabilities in the retail industry by solution based on one of these topics: Employment, Daily life or Communication. This hackathon is supported by Microsoft, Sdružení VIA and The Vodafone foundation Czech Republic. Due to possibility to participate at this hackathon we have upgrade our inspiration and we are pushed to expand Job#1 with new functionality which will help millions of people with disabilities.


How specifically will our solution help to employ people with disabilities?

It is based on our knowledge in data science industry. We developed machine learning model which automatically detect people with disabilities based on knowledge of positions where people with disabilities works. Job#1 will detect these people in two different steps:

1.      Recruiter post a new position and Job#1 automatically detect suitability of this position for disabled people according to the type of disability. For many positions it can be new information for recruiters.

2.      Candidate put his/her CV on career page and Job#1 automatically detect suitable positions for his/her type of disability. Thus, it pushes the candidate applied for a position even there is no information about suitability for disabled people. 

We trust AI hackathon, which is due to Covid situation held in online form running during following two months, can sprinkle our solution.  For now, Hackathon bring us the partnership with NFOZP (Endowment fund to support the employment of people with disabilities, It does not matter if we will win the Hackathon or not, the opportunity to be part of this great event help to move our solution to next level and help people who really need it.

We need help of every employer by sending us job descriptions of disabled employees. Get in touch with us by email: milan”at” or call at 602609592, Milan Mahovský, CEO



Partners and Companies

Partner NFOZP and companies who has joined our mission – “Artificial intelligence helps to employ people wiht disabilities”.