Changes, opportunities, challenges


Recruitment and HR on the go

We have been consolidating feedback from customers and recruiters this week and this is our observation what is happening on the market.

Change #1: interview went online – usage of skype or whereby replaced face to face

I remember myself few years ago that I am not happy to have interviews with programmers on skype and pushing my consultants for top quality. Many companies did not accept anything else then personal interview. I was surprised by IBM Brno having only skype interviews with candidates from any country you can imagine. Signing offer letters remotely. Paying relocation without meeting face to face. So, here we are. The world has changed. We are fully “recruitment” online

Change #2: candidates at home office. Recruiter can organize interview faster

Finally – no excuses, late for interview because of transport, longer meeting, search for office, slow reception etc., etc. No more car accidents on the way, ill relative or myself. But new ones appears: internet is slow or not working at all, earphones does not work, kids are screaming, cat jumped on keyboard or the dog is barking and recruiter can not hear a word.

Change #3: companies are getting crazy.

On one side- travel agencies, airlines and others has to let go employees, others are postponing hiring (around 40%)  and on the other side some companies are booming – hygienic producers, online sales, food industry. Big change, crisis management in companies going rapidly down or booming.

Change #4: Offer letter accepted but starting date is not clear

New phenomenon has appeared. A lot of companies has got trust that after the corona shaking they will be continuing in a normal life. So, hiring continues and candidates are accepted, but starting date is not defined yet.  Candidates are ok within weeks postponing. But what happens if it will take months? They probably stay where they are. The year of 2008 and 2009 was similar. People were afraid to change jobs because of unsecure probation period.

Change #4: Onboarding on home-office

Have you ever heard about something like that? First day from home? Crazy? YES!!! But this is the way how to be flexible and continue your business. Do we really have to meet all the time face to face? In IT we know that it can work: offshore development, nearshore development, outsourcing. I have not met the graphic designer and the programmer of this web face to face, too. So, adjust to this crazy situation and onboard online. You can use our solution by the way 😊

Recruitment opportunity #1: Hire faster or better candidates

Some companies has got huge impact on their businesses. There will be more candidates on the market. If you have been lucky and you are stable or even growing the you should be thinking how to attract the best. I recommend you to blog, communicate to the outer world that your company is in a good shape or even growing. HR marketing is important. As the Czech market had only 2% unemployment rate do not thing that you have time to hesitate. In 2009 the programmers were on the market accessible for about few moths and then disappeared.

Recruitment opportunity #2: Prepare candidates for future

99% of recruitment is re-active. This means that managers need subordinate now. But the hiring process take weeks or months. I understand that you may not know if you will need candidate for this role or that one. But you have statistics, best guess, experience to know what are the roles you may need after the pandemic. If you will have candidates in your ATS (recruitment SW) then you can direct mail or call them to shorten the “time to hire” . Your managers will love you if you change re-active recruitment to pro-active one.

HR Challenge #1: legal aspects – uffffffff

There are plenty of to solve. Home office. Take care about children. Letting go employees. Hiring remotely. I am not expert on it. So good luck with your lawyers. Good thing is that many articles are on the internet. So, if you search you probably get the answer.

HR Challenge #2 : Business change and organization structure

There is a chance to be the real HR business partner. The right structure can help a lot. I have just got delivered a wardrobe from Ikea. The man told me that their online sales has grown by 40%. So how will you react?

 Have you some more challenges, changes or opportunities in your company? Let me know on and I will publish them in next article


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