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CVSearch#1 – our AI matches job vacancies against all CVs Quickly find unfindable CVs
Increase your CV database monetization by 3-5 times

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    the most relevant candidates

    With JOB#1 solutions you can finally monetize your candidate database. Within seconds, we help you scan all CVs based on the job description and your specific requirements.
    No need for more administration: tagging and categorizing is not required.


    200% growth recruiters efficiency


    Save hours
    of manual
    CV database search


    Unleash your
    recruiters’ experience


    AI matches thousands of words in every CV against the job description


    Don’t miss your most talented relevant candidate just because you overlooked it


    Developed by
    top notch in Recruitment, Staffing and Data Science

    Old way


    New #1Way

    LongTime to Hire
    Reduced by 30-50%
    NegligibleCVs database utilizationFull
    Up to 250 Per RecruiterAmount of memorized CVsNo limits
    None or Poor CVs sorted by relevance70% accuracy
    Up to 30 minutesTIME WAITING FOR A LIST
    15 seconds
    NecessaryManual CV categorization
    Not needed
    HighLevel of administration tasks
    Middle to low
    High Sourcing costsSignificantly reduced
    50%% of relevant candidates found in database90%
    0-10%Number of hires from database20-50%
    StandardProfit of Recruitment / IT body-shopping agency130-200% of actual
    • Artificial intelligence keeps an eye on all CVs on file, and always finds the best match
    • Integrate it with ATS, HR-CRM, HRIS, ERP or build a new database
    • Doesn’t matter what job you are hiring for, Artificial Intelligence always finds the best matching CVs
    • Just upload the job description or advertisement and let the system analyze, find, and score the best matching CV
    • Save money by hiring talent from the existing database
    • Increase number of hired candidates per recruiter and month