The best search, filter and sort tool in the recruitment today

With help of the technology, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, your recruitment life will get easier, faster, and beautiful!

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  • Find all lost Candidates you have ever got
  • Integrate with ATS, HRIS, ERP, E-mail, windows directories  or build new database by Job#1
  • Anywhere in your notebook the Artificial Intelligence finds relevant CVs
  • Just insert job description and get CVs sorted by relevance
  • Artificial Intelligence finds CVs no matter wrong tag or category
  • Hire employees faster by 30%
  • Save money by hiring talents from existing database

Find relevant candidate fast

With Job#1 solutions you can upgrade your candidate database fueled by the most clever a fastest engine.
Within few seconds we help you to scan all CVs based on your job description and specific requirements.
No further future administration: no more taging or categorizing of your candidates.


Artificial Intelligence compares 1000 words in 1 CV and 1 Ad


Save hours
CV database searches


Do not miss your top talented and relevant candidate just because you cannot find it


Change a basic storage of CVs into the real
pool of talents


Get pleased by 3-5 times
more placements
from your CV database


Developed by Recruitment, Staffing and Data Science leaders

Old way


New #1Way

0-20%Number of hires from database20-50%
50%% of relevant candidates found in database 90%
Non or Poor
CVs sorted by relevance70% accuracy
NecessaryManual CV categorization
Not needed
Non or small Database of CVsMiddle to big
SlowTime to Hire
Decrease 30-50%
HighLevel of administration tasks
Middle to low
High Hiring cost
Decrease of usage job boards and headhunters


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