Rapid Hiring

Proactive recruitment, reduce time-to-hire, easy to deploy AI

We know

You have to hire crazily

We can deliver 5x more candidates and motivate them to register for engagement
Recruiter’ one-click matches best candidates to vacancy 

You feel talents nearby

We can convert the web-wanderer to the engaged candidate. AI shifts application process

You would engage uniquely

You can astonish candidate by accurate AI job-alert and AI job-matching

Have all at your fingertips

We can shorten time-to-hire in few days thanks to SaaS on cloud
Package recruitment solution with ATS and stop relying on hiring agencies


Carrier page moderated by AI


Acquire candidates
for future


+200% growth recruiters efficiency


Remove the most painful administrative tasks


Fast and easy implementation


Developed by
Delloite Technology
Fast 50 CE 2020

Old way


New #1 way

Up to 4%Activated job seekers conversionUp to 50%
NoneAI job alertBy default
None o poorJob -> CVs relevance70% accuracy
None or PoorFake profiles and duplicates minimizationMicrosoft, Google, Apple, LinkedIn, Facebook Authorizations
None or FewMulti language107 languages
Time consumingCustom developmentReady to use
InconvenientClever filteringCoherent and friendly
  • Stay focused on your products, let AI help with hiring
  • Make the hiring process seamless, fast, smart, and easy for you and for the candidates as well
  • Get a smart AI-powered career page that helps you to stay in touch with potential candidates or all people who actually care about your story 
  • Convert every web-wanderer into a candidate by upload a CV in the first step.
  • AI job alert minimize candidate spamming and maximize user experience
  • All candidate data recorded in your ATS/HRIS/HR-CRM. Autofill of key fields (name, email, phone, address, …).
  • Shorten time-to-hire, minimize dependencies on external sources


“Implementing AI technology, developed by JOB#1 meant the paradigm shift for us and our candidates in job search satisfaction. In numbers: 5x more CVs, 97% satisfaction” – Bc. Markéta Krása, Marketing Manager, mBlue